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  • How to Choose the right Remote Start for your Needs

    • 1. Vehicle Specifications

      First and foremost, we need to know what kind of vehicle you own, because different vehicles may work better with different systems. When you come see us, it is best to bring the vehicle if at all possible. If you’re getting a remote starter as a gift for someone else and bringing the vehicle to be used is not an option, we are going to ask you the following questions:


      What is the year, make and model of vehicle?

      Is it an automatic or manual transmission?

      Is it a gas, diesel or hybrid engine?

      What type of key does your vehicle have?

              (Regular,  Flip Key, Smart Key, Push to Start)


      Having the answers to these questions will help us significantly in knowing what systems will work on your vehicle.

    • 2. Operating Range

      Next up is operating range. That is probably the furthest thing from the minds of most consumers, but should be at the top of the list. Why should you care about range? Great question. You probably think you will start the vehicle from home in the morning, and you would be correct. But here is where range gets important. The first time you use your remote start and go out to a warm vehicle, you will be hooked. You’ll never want to be cold again. And the first time you go out to your vehicle and don’t have to scrape ice off your windshield, you’ll never want to do that again, either. That means you have to think about all the places your vehicle will sit over the course of an average week – work, shopping, the movies, restaurants, etc. – and then buy enough range to start it in those places as well as at home.

    • 3. One-Way Or Two-Way Systems

      Now you need to decide whether you want a one-way or a two-way system. What does that mean? Another great question.


      A one-way system comes with a remote control that communicates with your vehicle in one direction. You push a button on your remote and the vehicle responds. Two-way systems take it a step further. Whatever command you give to your vehicle is confirmed back to the remote control once the action has been completed. Imagine this scenario: You are out to eat, and you ask your vehicle to remote-start. You are not in eyesight of it, so you hope it started. If you own a two-way system, the vehicle will confirm back to the remote control once it has started, so you know for sure it will be warm and toasty when you are ready to leave. Even better — on our remote controls with LCD displays, you can press a button on the remote and see the temperature inside your vehicle. Now you know how long is needed for it to warm up.

    • 4. DroneMobile Smartphone Control

      Are you the kind of person who hates having extra items on your keychain? Or maybe you love your smartphone and its ability to control items for you? If either of these scenarios describes you, our DroneMobile system may be right up your alley. Now you can harness the power of the Internet and your smartphone to remote-start your vehicle pretty much anywhere in the world. As long as your phone has Internet access and our Drone system can access the Internet where you have it parked, it will remote-start.


  • DroneMobile

    Subscription Required for DroneMobile Service, please visit www.dronemobile.com for more info

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