Waxoyl Professional Corrosion Protection


Unquestionably the best in the business,

Waxoyl Professional has over 55 years of experience at fighting corrosion.


Hardwax provides superior corrosion protection all vehicles and metal structures.

Hardwax forms a tough, flexible, wax-based barrier that keeps the elements out while providing unparalleled chemical protection that completely interrupts electrochemical oxidization (corrosion) for all types of metals. From bridges to cars, Hardwax has a rich history of protection in a variety of applications.



The Science Behind Hardwax:

  • Hardwax kills existing surface rust!
  • The unique capillary action of Waxoyl Hardwax displaces moisture to achieve an optimum bond, even in damp environments. Waxoyl adheres equally well to wet or dry metal!
  • A little goes a long way! Optimal protection can be achieved with only .06 to .08 mm dry film thickness, resulting in a coverage area over 55 square feet per liter.
  • Insulates against temperature changes and provides sound-proofing for a quieter ride.
  • Simple to use and efficient, Waxoyl Professional tools make application easy and require no maintenance or cleaning.
  • Temperature range of active protection from -30°F to 302°F.
  • Very resistant to aging. Contains no mineral acids, bases, lead, chromium, or zinc.
  • Safe on all paint finishes. Contains no silicones or fluorocarbons.

Starting at $450

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