1. Everyday Driver

Hosts Todd Deeken and Paul Schmucker are on a mission to make the average person care about their car with Everyday Driver. Find weekly (sometimes twice a week!) answers to questions “Is my two-seater car a suitable winter drive?” and “If I land a new job, should I immediately buy myself a new car?” and car news!

2. The Smoking Tire

Want to hear from some of the auto industry’s most influential? The Smoking Tire’s 90-minute show features top names in the biz, from professional race car drivers like Kevin Madsen, to engineer/engine builder/entrepreneur Bisi Ezerioha.

3. Motorcycles and Misfits

One of the motorcycle world’s leading ladies Liza Miller hosts this hilarious and educational podcast called Motorcycles and Misfits

4. The Best of Car Talk

Easily the most well known on this list (and the only with a Peabody Award) Car Talk was a call-in radio talk show that aired on NPR from 1977 to 2012. Today, NPR continues to re-publish old episodes as weekly podcasts. Its hosts, Tom and Ray Magliozzi, a pair of brothers and mechanics who are as funny as they are handy, won over enthusiasts and regular everyday drivers alike with their combination of down-to-earth humor and approachable shop talk.

5. B Squad Hotrod

An amateurs-to-amateur podcast, B Squad Hotrod follows two sets of brothers as they charge headfirst into the world of hot rod building. Their legal disclaimer is “if you try anything we talk about, that’s your fault, not ours.”When you build, or even just think about, your first hot rod, this is a tool worth checking out.

6. Hooniverse

Whether you are into bikes or pickup trucks, on the Hooniverse Podcast. The California-based website and podcast blends the Australian colloquial term for reckless driving, “hooning,” with “universe,” and addresses what they call the “omnivore car.” If it has wheels and an engine, it’s a fair game for the Hooniverse podcast hosts.

7. CarCast

Ever dreamt of spending seven days in sunny SoCal during Monterey Car Week? It’s not in the cards for everyone, but twice a week, CarCast hosts Adam Carolla, Bill Goldberg and Matt D’Andria offer an insider look at some of the world’s most sought-after events (yes, including Pebble Beach during Monterey Car Week). And when there’s nothing exclusive on the calendar, the hosts keep things fresh by answering listener questions and chatting with celeb car enthusiasts.

8. Adventure Rider Radio

Motorcyclists with a zest for adventure and travel will appreciate Adventure Rider Radio. Since 2014, host Jim Martin and his wife Elizabeth have released an hour-long show each Thursday from their home studio in British Columbia. The real life stories of people adventure touring through remote parts of the globe are sure to provide an escape from reality, if not inspire some listeners to buy a bike and hit the road with nothing more than a couple of saddlebags.

9. My First Car

What was your first car? Two YouTube veterans pay homage to that memorable first vehicle, with their relatively young podcast aptly title My First Car. The show covers lots of auto-related topics, but always includes a guest who talks about their first car they ever owned.

10. CarStuff

Hosted by the expert educators at HowStuffWorks.com, CarStuff takes a deep dive into a different automotive topic each week. Episodes include more auto-heavy topics like “how pedestrian safety shapes your car” and more general interest stuff like “the surprising history of the crime of jaywalking.”

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