We all have to get to work, run errands and ultimately spend a lot of time in our cars. Check out these cool gadgets to make your ride more fun and less stressful!

1. A genius *magnetic* car mount for your phone.

2. A mini PowerBank

High-speed charging technology: power detects your Device to deliver its fastest possible charge speed up to 1 amp. Ultra Compact: an original tube-shaped aluminum design recharges in 3-4 hours with a 1 amp adapter and the Micro USB cable. (3. 7 × 0. 9 × 0. 9in, 3oz).

3. DroneMobile App

This app does more than remote start your car for heating and air conditioning.  Now you can use all these features too!

4. A suction cup mount with a long adjustable arm (*this one is magnetic too!*)

5. FM Transmitter

6.  Nav-Mat 

A convenient mounting accessory for your smartphone or GPS. Featuring a high tech anti-skid material, it provides a solid mounting base that enables you to convert your windshield mounted device into a dash mounted device.

7. Dual Charger

Great for charging multiple devices – for your phone and tablet or for traveling with multiple people.

8. A “For everything” Universal Phone & Music Interface

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