Is your remote start not working? More than likely it is in Valet Mode. Lets find out how to exit Valet Mode!

While your remote starter is in valet mode, certain features like remote start and security will be deactivated.

How to Tell if Your System is in Valet Mode

When attempting to remote start you will receive 3 vehicle parking light flashes followed by 10 parking light flashes.
If you have a remote with an LCD screen there will be Z’s visible on the screen, making it look as though the vehicle is in sleep mode.
When attempting to lock and unlock your vehicle with your remote, under normal circumstances the parking lights will flash once for lock and twice for unlock. However, if the parking lights DO NOT flash the vehicle is in valet mode (unless the installer did not hook up the parking lights upon installation).

How to Exit Valet Mode

As of 2014, select Compustar and Arctic Start systems can be taken out of valet mode by following these steps. Please note, that the steps vary by the type of remote you own.

4-Button Remotes

LDC Screen Remotes

2W902R-SP Remotes

1-Button or No Aftermarket Remote (Factory FOB only)

If the above procedures, do not work, please try to reprogram your remotes to your remote starter. This will ensure that your remotes are properly programmed AND will take your system out of valet mode.

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